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Pinging Your Blogs to Search Engines

Thursday, August 30, 2007

How Linking to Blogs Can Increase your Traffic

Things change pretty fast on the web, and this is especially the case with the blogosphere. If you're a blogger, you probably want to know how to increase your traffic, get more readers, sell more stuff, etc. One often overlooked feature of blogs that can instantly send a wave of traffic your way is called "trackbacks" or "pingbacks".

First, what exactly is a trackback? A trackback is a link in the comments area of a blog, indicating that another blog is talking about it. For example, when you post a blog article, another user may find it interesting and link to it from his own blog. That's great, because you've just received an inbound link. As a bonus, if your blog supports trackbacks or pingbacks, your site will automatically link to his article too. Think of it as an ego boost saying "Look at all these people linking to my article".

So how can this turn into a windfall of traffic for you? It's becoming a common tactic for people to race to be the first to post a comment on a popular blog. The first to post gets seen by the most readers, and thus gets the most traffic. But with trackbacks, it becomes a lot easier. You can post an article on your blog and then search for relevant blogs under the same topic. Add links in your post to the blogs you've found and reference their material. Finally, submit a trackback (your blog software may do this automatically when you link to them, otherwise you can use tools such as TrackbackSpeed and others), and you'll instantly create a relation between your blogs.

As an added bonus, trackbacks and pingbacks not only get you eyeballs from readers of the blogs you've linked to, but some search engines also factor this into page rank calculations. Of course, the best part about trackbacks and pingbacks is that both parties benefit by a link and share readers. They also help make it easier to find related content.

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