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Pinging Your Blogs to Search Engines

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Arg! Referer Spam is Annoying!

Maybe you have heard of this one before - referal spam!

An automated program that hits thousands of sites with a simple ping and leaves a spoofed web page as the referer link.

I know, it sounds crazy, but it's true. Spammers have automated programs that use random web browser user agent strings, and random IP addresses (possible through spyware installed on people's computers), to send out a mass referer spam.

If your web site openly displays referer links, as many blogs do, then this gives the spammer a link from your high PR page, and presumably a bump in their own Google ranking. Even if your site doesn't publish referer links, they figure it only takes a milisecond to ping you so they stick you in the list anyway.

This leaves us bloggers with no choice but to not display referer links. What fun is that?



  • There is an option. Add rel="nofollow" to your "<a" tags and you can display your referrers without giving them pagerank credit.

    The referrer list will still be full of spammers, for a while, but at least they'll not get any kudos from it.

    By Anonymous Rich Boakes, at 12:37 PM  

  • The tag rel="nofollow" is a good way to reduce referer spam, for Google at least. But as far as I know not all the search engines do understand the tag now.

    I wonder why there is a link at all. If the URL is just plain text (example.com), or even spelled out (like example dot com) it would be just as fine: someone interested can still follow the link.

    By Blogger nlgw, at 12:06 AM  

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