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Pinging Your Blogs to Search Engines

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A few podcast search engines

I've been catching up on the whole podcast movement, very cool stuff. I just thought I would provide a few links to some of the better podcasting search engines I've uncovered.

GetAPodcast.com http://www.getapodcast.com has a lot of interesting real-time statistics on their site such as podcast traffic, number of media files per feed, active keywords. They also appear to have instant podcast inclusion if you care to submit your own podcast. Submit your podcasts at http://www.getapodcast.com/addfeed.aspx

PodcastPickle.com http://www.podcastpickle.com provides fairly good quality podcasts. They review each feed by hand to weed out low quality feeds. While this is nice, I appreciate the more raw search results that getapodcast.com provides because it gives voice to the big and the small podcasts.

I know many of you will be asking, just what is this "podcasting" business all about? I will be posting another article shortly on this. Until then, check out the above sites.



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