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Pinging Your Blogs to Search Engines

Monday, July 11, 2005

Speed of getting Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp to visit a new site

I recently performed an experiment of setting up a brand new web site domain name and hosting, creating a simple blog for it, and a simple rss feed. I then did a ping over to the blog search engines using Blog Blaster and submitted the RSS feed using RSS Submit.

Would you believe that within 30 minutes of this new domain being registered, I already had over 30 different bots visiting the site? Not only that, two of the bots were Googlebot and Yahoo! Slurp bot.

Side note - yes, the domain and web hosting was already online within 30 minutes and available to the world. New domains resolve incredibly faster than the 72-hour wait time they used to about 3-4 years ago.

I'm not sure how Google learned of the new domain that fast. Perhaps, the bot was already crawling one of the blog sites at the time, or they might have some kind of back-end monitoring of one of the big blog sites like Technorati, looking for new URLs.

Either way, 30 minutes is the fastest I have seen Google and Yahoo visit a site - and I have setup quite a number of new sites. The usual wait time is about 2 weeks.

Just goes to show you, once again the power of blogging and RSS feeds wins the day!



  • Very interesting.
    For the DNS, the 72 hours time is lony when changing DNS entries. the entries are cached all over the internet and the cache takes a long time to renew. I once changed a web site's hosting (beginning of the year year I think) and it took 2 weeks for the DNS entries to be propagated everywhere, although for most people the change was earlier (24 hours).

    By Anonymous Henk, at 2:05 AM  

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